Ways to Improve Your Game

There are an infinite number of ways to improve your tennis game. I've outlined 3 in this article that you may have never thought of!

Call other players and organize match play practices
Asking others for a pick up game can be difficult. You may think your not a good enough player, or if you've lost in the past you maybe disheartened. But don't be! Here's something you can do to help. Make a list of all players you meet at tournaments or your club then call the ones you think can probably beat. Now instead of totally killing these guys, use these matches to practice new things you have learned or experiment with different styles of play. As you go thought your list slowly advance to the better players. After your experience and learning from your early matches you will be in a more competitive position.

Do not get a negative attitude in any matches, practice or tournament play
A negative attitude does absolutely nothing to improve your game. It clouds your mind and forces you to make poor decisions. You have to remember that making mistakes is the most valuable part of the learning process. Every mistake you make is a chance to learn and improve your game!

Take a chance and step inside the court to attack your opponents second serve
Make a commitment to be brave, and depending on the quality of your opponents second serve, step 3 to 6 feet inside the court and take the return early! If their serve is weak slam it back for an easy point. If its not, you will have caught your opponent off guard, take advantage by making a trick play on your return! I hope you find these tips helpful. I've been using them in my game and its improved significantly as a result.