Tennis Elbow Exercises

Tennis elbow is a term that occurs referable the repeated stress on the muscles of the elbow. Remember the number of times you play a forehand, you’ve to pull your hands backwards in order to hit that powerful forehand. This particular movement is the root cause behind the outer side of the elbow getting stressed out and the depreciation in that region becomes an extremely painful condition called tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is a case of repetitive stress injury, so if you’ve already had it, the only way to cure yourself is to give rest to the elbow in question and let it take its natural time to heal. However, if you’ve come to this article merely looking ways to prevent an occurrence of the tennis elbow condition, one of the important things to remember is that tennis elbow occurs more in cold muscles than warm ones. So, always warm up before playing a game. Do stretches that can warm up your entire body.

Forearm Flexor, Stretch your arm so that your palm is facing the sky. Touch the tip of your palm with your other hand and gently push it down to form a ninety degree inclination between the palm and the arm. Do it gently and without any pressure on the wrist.

Forearm Extensor, Perform the same exercise with your palm facing the ground. Wrist Exercises, To strengthen your wrist, hold light dumb bells, support your arm over a surface like a table and simply bend the wrist up and down. Tennis Elbow Exercises.