Paddle Tennis Rules

All of us have heard of tennis being played with rackets, but here's a game of tennis that is played with a paddle. Paddle tennis is quite similar to lawn tennis barring the sizes of the court and the net, both of which are smaller in the former. The paddle tennis court is devoid of double lanes and requires more stamina on the part of the players.

The paddle used in this game is about 9.5 inches x 18 inches in size. It is usually made from wood, though other hard materials are occasionally used. A pressurized tennis ball is used for the game. The net is 22 feet long and 2.6 feet wide and is 31 inches above the surface of the ground. It is 18 inches outside the sidelines. Non-marking rubber soled shoes are worn while playing the game.

31 inches is the maximum height up to which a player can serve. He is allowed to serve only once losing which chance, he makes a foul stroke. While serving, the player is allowed to toss the ball in the air or even bounce it behind the base line on the court.

The player who opens a serve is not allowed to cross the baseline breaking which rule, the player stands to lose a point. While serving if the player misses the ball or his ball touches the net, the move is considered faulty. After each game, the players exchange positions.

When the ball falls perfectly on the line or touches the line, the move is called a good ball. The respective player earns a legal point. The system of scores is the same as for lawn tennis. A tie breaker is held to decide a draw match.