The Power of the Backhand Slice

Powerful, driving shots are serious attributes for any tennis pro. What about slower shots like the backhand slice?

Lets consider two of the tennis worlds male greats of the past few years: Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. These guys literally mastered what is called the backhand slice from generations past. Both of these players worked this shot into their routine and if you read on you will find out why this slower, but very strategic shot helped them improve their game drastically. In tennis the purpose of the slice backhand is to allow you the put away forehand.

A constant return of slices change the entire play of the game. It will go from fast to slow, from high shots, to low skidding balls, from not bending to getting down to the clay, from having a comfortable racket grip to having to adjust uncomfortably to get under the low shots and more! Strategically you are at a huge advantage if you prepare for a match rich in backhand slices.

A well placed backhand slice floated deep can get you back in the game. Tennis is a game of timing, and variation in play to keep your opponent guessing. By employing a slow backhand slice at the right times you put both of these factors to good use.